Discover Variety Pack (6 packs total)
Discover Variety Pack (6 packs total)
Discover Variety Pack (6 packs total)
Discover Variety Pack (6 packs total)
Discover Variety Pack (6 packs total)
Discover Variety Pack (6 packs total)
Discover Variety Pack (6 packs total)

Discover Variety Pack (6 packs total)

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All-Day Egg Scramble

A plant-based egg dish that’s fluffy, full of flavor, and fun. Just heat up this savory egg-stravaganza whenever you want a yummy protein boost without any messes or mixing. And as always with Hodo, there are no fillers or weird unpronounce-able ingredients. Just a purely delicious, egg-y scramble with our special scramble spice mix. Inspired by one of Hodo’s bestsellers from our early farmers' market days!



  • Top your favorite piece of toast
  • Bundle up in a breakfast burrito with beans, rice and pico de gallo
  • Pop in pad thai for a protein boost
  • Whip up your mom’s egg salad recipe for a quick lunch
  • Toss into your favorite fried rice


Tofu (Water, soybeans*, calcium sulfate (a naturally occurring mineral)), Scramble Sauce (soymilk* (soybeans*, water), Scramble spice mix (nutritional yeast* (yeast*, rice flour*, sea salt), black salt (salt, herbs), onion powder*, garlic powder*, turmeric*, cumin*, smoked paprika*), soybean oil*, water, lemon juice concentrate*).

* Organic.

Adobo Mexican Crumbles

A Mexican Fiesta! Taco night is everybody’s favorite way to do dinner. And with these meaty organic crumbles, you can make it a plant-based fiesta! The rich and zesty blend of traditional Mexican flavors - chipotles, oregano, and a squeeze of lime - hits the spot for adults and kids alike. So gather all your favorite fixin’s and make some true taco magic.


  • Top a cheese pizza
  • Make a burrito with black beans and crisp lettuce
  • Elevate your Aunt Martha’s famous chili
  • Stuff in an ancho chile, sprinkle with cheese, and bake
  • Add a Mexican accent to a traditional lasagna


Organic Hodo Tofu* (water, soybeans* and calcium sulfate (a naturally occurring mineral)), organic Hodo Tofu Puffs* (Hodo Tofu* (water, soybeans*, calcium sulfate), soybean oil*), chipotle adobo sauce* (chipotle spice mix* (garlic powder*, salt, onion powder*, ancho powder*, oregano*, cumin powder*, chipotle powder*), lime juice* (lime juice concentrate*, water), soybean oil*, tomato paste* (tomato paste*, citric acid), apple juice*)


Contains soy, of course ; )


  • Price: $41.94/cs ($6.99/unit)
  • Content: 3 packs of individually sealed 8-oz Egg Scramble units and 3 packs of individually sealed 10-oz Mexican Crumbles units
  • Shelf-life: 60 days min from shipping
  • Storage: Keep refrigerated 35-41F. Can be frozen. Freezing will change texture.
  • Shipping: Please note your order will ship on the following week's Tuesday after we receive your order.  
  • CCOF-Certified Organic, Made with North American Grown, Non-GMO Soybeans, Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegan
  • Visit for recipes.